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The National Division was established in 1985 under the authorization of Egyptian Ministry of Education


The British division was established in 2007 under the authorization of Cambridge, edexcel and Oxford.


The American division was established in 1999 under the authorization of Cognia previously (AdvanceED)


The French Division (lycee Francais) was Established in 2002 under the authorization of La Mission Laique

Message from the Principal

On behalf of the entire staff, I would like to welcome you to the Misr Language School (MLS) website.
We at MLS understand that selecting a school for your children can be a difficult decision. This is one of most important journey’s that your child will take, and we are here to support you every step of the way.
Against the backdrop of the ancient pyramids of Egypt, our school prides itself in enhancing the ability of our student’s to embrace their heritage, strengthen their identity and build a deep sense of commitment to our country, its history and traditions.
Our vision for educational excellence is one where professional and inspiring educators nurture the talents of our students, enabling them to achieve their full potential and pursue their chosen pathway.
We believe in cultivating an environment that allows students to develop an innate passion for learning, driven by active and creative education that provides young people with the confidence, competence and motivation to achieve their greatest aspirations.

In this context, MLS provide students with a wide range of learning experiences and opportunities. Every MLS Division provides its learners with a rigorous, coherent and internationally rated standards-based curriculum. We also focus on including in our teaching programs important skills, such as communication, creative thinking, organization, leadership and collaboration.
MLS supports children who need additional help through special programs developed and managed by dedicated professionals and experts. We believe in empowering all our students to aspire to be active participants and leaders– whether it be through academics, sport, arts or community development.
I hope that by looking through our website you will get a sense of what our school represents. The MLS community is comprised of students that are challenged, valued and respected on a daily basis, supportive families devoted to the well-being of their children and professional staff members dedicated to ensuring our students learn at the highest levels. At MLS we are also very proud of the many achievements our Alumni, hundreds of brilliant young minds affecting positive change in their communities.
I would like to thank you for visiting our website, and encourage you to come and see first-hand our mission in action.
Join us at MLS as we move forward together, building the capacity of young people to be the best leaders and teachers of tomorrow.

Shahinaz Shehata
Principal – Misr Language Schools

Our History,

Heritage and beloved Founder

Misr Language Schools (MLS) was inaugurated in the mid 80’s by the Mrs. Magda Moussa in collaboration with Dr. Ismail Othman The school premises covers an area of 6 acres and is located next to the great Pyramids of Giza. MLS facilities have also expanded to include many gardens and playgrounds.
Five main campuses in addition to renovated state of the art sport facilities , now headed by Mrs. Shahinaz Shehata

Dear MLS Parents,

As Members of the Board of Directors we value and demonstrate commitment to the vision, mission and principles that guide our work as Parents and members of Misr Language Schools community. We strive through our voluntary service to benefit all stake holders personally and professionally because in the end we are parents whose main job is to ensure the healthy development of our beloved students and families.
We as parents, before being elected board members, have started our mission with extreme passion, over the past few months, with our school community to adapt to the circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have strived to deliver quality learning and support mechanisms for our students. We have spared no efforts in maintaining a positive school climate, where our educators can excel and our young people can thrive. We reach out to our beloved parents as well to connect and communicate to tackle and solve problems, worries or concerns they might be facing during these unprecedented times whether inside or outside our school borders.
As we prepare to move forward together, I would like to take this opportunity to inform you about the coming transition at the Misr Language School’s National Division.
As Mrs. Nagwa Gomaa departs from MLS, please join me in thanking her for her contributions and wish her much success in all her future endeavors.
The National Division has always been the pride of our School and, in order to ensure its top notch quality of administration, we have decided the following:
To appoint:

  • Mrs. Shahinaz Shehata as Misr Language Schools Principal for the National , International and Inclusion Divisions.
  • Mrs. Laila El Zomor Acting Headmistress of the National Division. I am certain we will all work collaboratively to build on the achievements of the MLS National division and ensure a safe and optimum learning environment for our students.

Last but not least, we would like to convey a message of reassurance to our dear parents that all services, both educational and our bus service, will continue to the fullest and will not stop (taking into account what some families are going through) until conditions are resolved for some in the future with the school administration. Finally, we want to assure our dear parents that the interest of our beloved students as well as their psychological and educational well being are our utmost priority.

Misr Language Schools
Board of Directors

السيدات والسادة اولياء الامور

نحيط سيادتكم علماً بأننا كاعضاء منتخبين لمجلس الادارة (و متطوعين لهذا العمل الجليل) نحن نشعر بكثير من المسئولية تجاه تحقيق ما هو في صالح مدارس مصر للغات بقسميها المصري و الدولي واضعين في الاعتبار اننا اولياء امور قبل ان نكون اعضاء لهذا المجلس الذي من صميم عمله المحافظة على انضباط العملية التعليمية و الارتقاء بالمدرسة (بقسميها المصري و الدولي) الى ارفع المستويات

فقد تقرر الآتي

  1. توجيه الشكر للسيدة الأستاذة نجوى جمعة السيد عجيز عن مجمل أعمالها على مدار 35 عاما
  2. تكليف السيدة ليلى الزمر بتسيير اعمال القسم المصري لحين صدور قرار من السلطة المختصة
  3. تكليف السيدة شاهيناز رضا شحاته بالعمل مدير عام لمدارس مصر للغات بجميع اقسامها لغات – دولي – ذوي احتياجات خاصة اعتباراً من يوم السبت ٢٠ مارس ٢٠٢١ و تكون مسئولة عن كافة اعمال المدرسة بدءاً من هذا التاريخ

و انه في هذا السياق لا يسعنا الا ان نتمنى التوفيق للسيدة نجوى جمعة و ان نبعث لها ارق مشاعر الامتنان لما قامت به خلال عملها المثمر بالمدارس و كذلك نتمنى للادارة الجديدة النجاح و السداد والعلو بمدارس مصر للغات الى المستوى الذي يليق بتاريخها و مكانتها
و آخيراً و ليس آخر نود ان نبعث رسالة طمأنينة الى اعزائنا اولياء الامور بأن جميع الخدمات التى تقدمها المدارس سواء تربوية أو تعليمية او خدمة الاوتوبيسات سوف تستمر على اكمل وجه و لن تتوقف (آخذين في الاعتبار ما تمر به بعض العائلات من ظروف) لحين توفيق الاوضاع للبعض مستقبل
و اخيراً نريد ان نُأكد لكم جميعاً ان اولويتنا الاولى هي مصلحة اولادنا و دعمهم من الناحية النفسية و التربوية و التعليمية

مجلس إدارة
الجمعية التعاونية التعليمية لمدارس مصر للغات

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