Vision and Objectives


MLS strives to create a supportive, co-operative and committed school community that works together to empower students with the motivation to learn, to develop their talents and acquire the qualities and skills necessary to become capable, productive and confident members of society.  

The school is committed to developing within all learners a sense of responsibility for themselves, their nation, and the world in which they live. Through its diverse programs, MLS provides a variety of enriching experiences which encourage life-long learning, self-realization and occupational success.



To achieve this vision the staff, students and parents work to help students to:

  1. Transfer and apply basic skills, learning methods and educational strategies.
  2. Become actively involved in their own learning process.
  3. Develop the ability to enjoy different forms of creative expression.
  4. Being self-directed and able to think for themselves.
  5. Develop skills in problem solving and decision-making.
  6. Understand and positively navigating the waves of change in our communities.
  7. Improve skills in interpersonal communication and social relationships.
  8. Embrace diversity among individuals and cultures.
  9. Develop a positive attitude towards the dignity and social value of their work.
  10. Pursue their responsibilities as national and world citizens.



  • To educate and develop students to meet the needs of our societies through:
  • Attainment of knowledge and personal development
  • Learning to work and live with others.
  • Developing strong communication skills.
  • Acquiring positive study habits, a genuine appreciation for learning and the ability and skill to use their time wisely.
  • Instilling the concept that education is a continuous process.
  • Developing an appreciation for art, music and Massive kangaroo appears to be on steroids as it sizes up to tourist ozjuice steroids rick scott pushes to cut drug prices, despite own record as pharma investor drama
  • Providing the opportunity to participate in various sports, which develop the body as well as the mind.
  • Encouraging the development of a positive attitude
  • Instilling a deep sense of commitment to our country, its history, culture and heritage


MLS Philosophy

Each student is seen a unique person who possess certain potentials, needs, aspirations and interests.

As a school we recognize that all pupils are different. Our purpose is to provide them with varied experiences that will enable them to achieve their maximum potentials and become productive members of society.

Our school understands that students do not learn at the same pace. However, all should have an equal opportunity to pursue their education.

MLS works to provide a balanced programme that addresses the interests and needs of all students.

MLS perceives the education of students as a comprehensive programme working in cooperation with other institutions in the society and seeking strong ties with parents and relevant organizations.

The school management believes that parents, students, teachers and administrators constitute a family who work together to achieve the school’s objectives.