MLS joins Green Minds Initiative

In recognition and support of Egypt’s COP27 Presidency, MLS has chosen this year to rally around the theme of “Education for sustainable development”.

Throughout the past couple of months, the school has organized various initiatives to empower and engage students across its four divisions to contribute to this important process.

In this context, MLS has partnered with the Egyptian Ministry of Planning and Economic Development to implement the Green Minds program.

Run by the Ministry’s National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development (NIGSD), Green Minds aspires to encourage sustainable behavior and lifestyle among our children through experiential and interactive learning. I have enclosed with this email more information about this initiative sent to us by our partners.

Over the next two terms, the NIGSD will be running a series of workshops at MLS, as well as organizing school trips and events for our students.

On the 11th and 12th December 2022, Grade 5 students in the school’s National, American and French Divisions participated in this exciting new initiative.

Over 400 MLS students participated in activities, supported facilitators from Wellsprings, aimed at enhancing their knowledge about responsible consumption of water, energy, consumption of food as well as waste management and recycling.

All activities and discussions were presented under the theme of: “I am the Guard of The Earth, which engaged students to learn about how they can positively impact their environment.