MLS stands for peace

In light of the deeply distressing circumstances prevailing, Misr Language Schools community grieves alongside the region and believes it is our responsibility to continue empowering our students to be peaceful, respectful and responsible global citizens.
Misr Language Schools, in this context organized a school-wide art project entitled “We stand with Gaza, We stand for Peace” alongside a Walk of Peace.
Through the art project, all MLS students created artworks highlighting our long lasting hope for peace, with shared symbols of our humanity and respect for human dignity, friendship, tolerance and the protection of world heritage.
Art is the loudest and most powerful of unspoken languages. Through art, young people can express their feelings, giving a voice to the voiceless and convey messages of hope for a more peaceful and prosperous future.

The  launch of an art exhibition on November 12th 2023 was showcased throughout the school alongside the peace walk touring the school with flags and banners to stand in solidarity with Gaza while the school choir sang peace songs.