French Ambassador applauds MLS’s journey towards providing Educational Excellence

Misr Language Schools (MLS) had the great honour to receive H.E. Mr. Stephane Romatet, the Ambassador of France to Egypt on January 24th 2020 at its premises in Giza.
During his tour of the school, Ambassador Romatet praised the development and modernization of the educational facilities and services provided at MLS, as well as the school’s efforts in raising the educational levels and cultural perspectives of its students.
Highlighting the school’s long-standing tradition of providing quality education, Ambassador Romatet applauded MLS’s efforts in keeping up-to-date with education technology tools and cultural activities.
Ambassador Romatet noted with pride that the achievements made MLS, especially through its French Division, have greatly helped to contribute in strengthening the cultural bonds and friendship between the Egyptian and French peoples. In this context, Ambassador Romatet praised the staff of MLS headed by Mrs. Shahinaz Shehata, the Principal of International divisions. Ambassador Romatet particularly commended Mrs. Shehata for her efforts in creating a successful partnership with the Mission laïque française and providing the talent, tools and support to help nurture a program and help it grow into once of the most successful institutions offering French education.
Dr. Ismail Othman, Chairman of MLS’s Board of Directors, welcomed Ambassador Romatet and thanked him for his leadership in promoting Egyptian-French relations. Dr. Othman also praised the Egyptian government’s serious efforts in enhancing educational opportunities in all Egyptian governorates, and hoped that the achievements made by MLS could help to serve as a model for future progress.
Mrs. Shahinaz Shehata joined Dr. Othman in praising the French Ambassador, noting that his visit marks an important milestone in the history of MLS, one that would not have been possible without the hard work and diligence of MLS teachers and staff members. She added that MLS’s success can be attributed to the fact that “people here love teaching, they are sincere and they are professional”. Mrs. Shehata also extended her appreciation to the Egyptian Ministry of Education for their vision, leadership and support.
Eng. Karim Abdel Rahman, Vice President of MLS’s Board of Directors, emphasized that the French Ambassador’s visit was a tribute to the positive steps and hard work undertaken by school as well as a clear sign that it was moving in the right direction in providing quality education and strengthening the trust and cooperation with its counterparts in France.
As a parting message, Ambassador Romatet explained that he would be transferring this important experience to the French government, in an effort to further build on the cooperation between Egypt and France in the field of education. In this regard, the Ambassador applauded H.E. President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s vision for quality education for all, and particularly praised the President’s efforts to empower the Egyptian education system with successful models, tools and innovations that have raised the standard of various educational systems in different countries.