Bloovo Partnership With MLS

We are delighted to announce that BLOOVO has signed a partnership agreement with MLS in Egypt to power its recruitment with BLOOVO’s AI-powered  Applicant Tracking System (HYRDD).
Big step for education recruitment, and MLS is leading the way by being the first school in Egypt to deploy Artificial Intelligence in its recruitment processes in aim to enhance and improve their hiring efficiency and onboarding of top teaching talent.
“Through eliminating job-talent mismatch, we see this as a significant step forward for educational institutions to enhance their delivery of educational systems. MLS is setting a trend for other educational institutions to follow suit”, Ahmad Khamis commented, BLOOVO CEO and co-founder.
“This partnership with MLS comes as a huge step towards digitalizing and modernizing the recruitment process in line with Egypt’s vision towards adopting artificial intelligence and smart technologies in the various economic sectors to which education is the backbone for creating knowledge economies”. Karim Aboulnasr, Vice President Business Development in Egypt.