SPECIAL Division

Dear students, parents and colleagues

God willingly we will be starting our new year with hearts full of optimism, passion and honest dedication, our main objective is and will always be the wellbeing, happiness and safety of our children, With our combined efforts school & parents , striving together we will manage to make it a distinguished and successful academic year,.
Humbly asking our loving god to keep you safe and protect you from all harm and crown your efforts with success and excellence.
May God protect our beloved Egypt

أحبائي الطلاب … أعزائي أولياء الأمور … زملائي الكرام …

بسم الله نتوكل و بعونه نبدأ العام الدراسي الجديد و الفريد بقلوب محبه ملؤها التفاؤل تقودها العزيمة الصادقة في تحقيق أهدافنا نحو ابنائنا للحفاظ على سلامتهم و الوصول بهم إلى بر الآمان بتظافر الجهود بين المنزل و المدرسة و السعي الحثيث إلى جعله عاما دراسيا متميزا و موفقا بإذن الله
و الله اسأل أن يلبسكم ثوب العافية و أن يحفظكم من كل مكروه و يكلل مجهوداتكم بالنجاح و التفوق كما تعودنا دائما
حفظ الله مصرنا الحبيبة بعينه التى تنام و جنبها شرور المحن ما ظهر منها و ما بطن


Through Mrs. Magda Moussa’s special classes , students learn through special curriculums offered by the Egyptian Ministry of Education, in addition to special programs that are developed by the class teacher, psychologist, speech specialist and physiotherapist.
Activities teachers including physical education, art education and music education in addition computer literacy also come in and take place in the education process.
The Academic and social skill learning process also includes – communication, selfcare, behavioral discipline, mobility skills and speech classes
Our dedicated professionals will present a detailed plan to the guardian, the plan will include a target goal with periodic measurements of the child’s development and continuous reports on the extent to which the goals are achieved.
The study is divided into 3 phases, a hybrid plan merging the Intellectual education curriculum affiliated by the ministry and the school’s program as we have previously indicated
The preparation phase including two levels of education in which the pre-academic skills are studied
Various development skills are implemented such as (colors – shapes – sizes – relationships – classification – sorting – naming different images – the senses – body parts information about the surrounding environment …)
This is in addition to various activities such as drawing, music, games, computers and communication

Phase 2:

the primary stage and has 6 classes in which the subjects of Arabic language, Mathematics, religion , social studies, science and computer, in addition to various activities.

Phase 3

which is the preliminary vocational stage including 3 academic grades to be completed in addition to preparing the students for the professional life through various workshops including computer literacy classes, in preparation for joining the appropriate field that suits his inclinations and abilities.

Phase 4:

the industrial training stage, which began in the academic year 2018-2019, in which students who have completed the professional preparation stage could take it to another level of practical study in a duration of two years, the student receives a certificate of completing the training, and this certificate is equivalent to professional practical preparatory certificate.

Students who have obtained the certificate are allowed to enroll in technical secondary schools (industrial – agricultural – commercial – hotel)

Students are also trained on various educational curriculums using Smart Boards, in order to enrich the provision of information to the student through modern educational and technological means.

There are 6 professional workshops in the school:

  1. the textile workshop
  2. the ceramic workshop
  3. the bamboo workshop
  4. the wax workshop
  5. the printing workshop
  6. the manual works workshop