Misr Language Schools raises awareness on Sustainability

In the past two years, Misr Language Schools has accelerated its efforts in raising awareness on the importance of sustainability amongst students. In line with the education activities focused on environmental awareness, the school has tried to implement “go green” policies and organize activities highlighting the significance of recycling and preservation of resources. As a first step, MLS recently introduced recycling bins all across the school premises. In addition, young people designed and created last year’s main Christmas tree with used bottles.
According to Mrs. Shahinaz Shehata, Principal of MLS’s International Divisions, through these activities MLS gets the opportunity to instill a sense of leadership and responsibility in young people. Mrs. Shahinaz Shehata explains that “It is not just about following the “going green” trend, it’s about encouraging our students to adopt positive behaviors and appreciate how their contributions, as small as they may be, could impact the environment for themselves and generations to come”.
MLS’s environmental awareness programs also reflect the serious efforts being undertaken by the Egyptian Government to enhance sustainability, particularly in the areas of climate change, waste management and renewable energy.