Interim Director of Mission Laïque Française visits Misr Language Schools

Misr Language School (MLS) welcomed Mr. Mohamed Hamdoun, Interim General Director of Mission Laïque Française on November 24th, 2021.

The Mission Laïque Française is a non-profit organisation founded in 1902 that works to spread the French language and culture the through the creation and management of schools across the world. As one of the first schools in Egypt to partner with the Mission Laïque Française, through the establishment of its French Division in 2001, MLS has worked hard to offer high-quality French education to its students. In addition to introducing new pedagogical techniques to enhance academic performances, MLS also provides its students with creative learning experiences and events aimed at enabling them to gain a more profound appreciation for France’s rich cultural heritage and traditions. 

During the meeting with Mr. Hamdoun, MLS’s Director Mrs. Shahinaz Shehata emphasised the school’s commitment to serving as a hub for the promotion of French education and culture in Egypt. “Through our strong partnership with the Mission Laïque Française, we are fully committed in contributing to strengthening the bonds of friendship between Egypt and France through the power of education, the spirit of cultural cooperation and a celebration of our rich linguistic diversity”.

Eng. Karim Abdelrahman Aly, Chairman of the MLS Board, extended his appreciation to the  Mission Laïque Française for its long standing  collaboration with MLS. While discussing the achievements of the school, Eng. Abdelrahman also praised the MLS staff and teachers for helping students to successfully pursue their academic journey despite the difficulties presented by the global pandemic over the past two years.

During the visit, Mr. Hamdoun and members of the Mission Laïque Française were able to take a tour of the school and meet with some of the French Division’s staff and students.

Mr. Sebastian Gaillard, Headmaster of the French Division, shared a presentation of the MLS’s French division most recent progress. Over the past year, the MLS French Division has maintained a 100% success in the French BAC with two exemplary students receiving scholarships for excellence. In an effort to sustain these achievements, MLS has invested in recruiting high-calibre teachers including two former teachers from the French Ministry of Education.

Mr. Gaillard added that at MLS students were encouraged to work for a better future for themselves and their communities. In this regard, he emphasised that during the next year, the school will work hard to enhance awareness amongst its students about the concept of sustainable development. In line with the next United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27), which will be held in Egypt, the MLS French division plans to organize various workshops and artistic performances to promote the importance of protecting the environment.