Graduation Ceremony 2020 (American Division)

One of Misr Language Schools’ primary focuses over the courses of 2020 was to ensure the health, safety and well-being of its students and staff members. Based on Governmental guidelines and expert advice, MLS developed a contingency plan for the school year that included health and safety regulation and state of the art virtual learning educational platform to ensure that students were able to continue their studies. Unfortunately, that also meant cancelling school events, activities and postponing the 2020 Graduation ceremony.
With national efforts against Covid -19 paying off, MLS was able to re-open for in-person learning in September 2020. According to Mrs. Shahinaz Shehata, Principal of MLS International Divisions, one of the first points of order upon the re-opening of the school was to give the Graduating class of 2020 a send-off they would never forget, a graduating ceremony for the ages at the great pyramids of Giza.
Greetings from the Sphinx
The opening ceremony of the graduation began with a special message from the mighty “Sphinx”, narrated by the talented Mr. Galal Zaki. Students and parents gazed at the ancient statue , illuminated under the bright stars, listening to the proud story of their school being echoed across the desert sands of Giza – surrounded by history and testaments of Egypt’s glorious civilization.
Expressing to the audience his love for education, the “Sphinx” explained that “from Confucius and Aristotle, to Maria Montessori and Egypt’s very own Taha Hussein, teachers have been the custodians of knowledge, planting the seeds of advancement and human development. The journey towards enlightenment has been forged in the halls of schools just like Misr Language Schools”.
The “Sphinx” also extended his congratulations to the graduating class of 2020, and shared a few words of wisdom. “For thousands of years I have stood here, inspired by what I see and trying to inspire others. The winds of change always bring new possibilities and challenges. My advice, is to always move forward, with courage, imagination and kindness. I look forward to reading about your adventures in the pages of our history”.
Praising MLS teachers, highlighting the hard work of its students
The opening speeches of evening all had a common theme by underscoring the incredible courage, experience and determination exhibited by MLS teachers throughout the challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Mrs. Shahinaz Shehata, Principal of MLS International Divisions, stressed that the evening could not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of our teachers and staff members, who had given their all this year to ensure that every student received the support and guidance they needed to succeed.
Over the course of the evening, Mrs. Shehata presented the Eng. Ismail Osman annual prize for Educational Excellence to MLS teachers. Collecting the honours were Dr. Mohamed Soliman , Headmaster of the American Division’s Middle and High School, as well as two of MLS most beloved and iconic teachers Mrs Weam Shabana and the late Mrs. Gamila Helaly.
Mrs. Shehata also praised the 2020 graduating class, who despite enormous challenges were able to succeed.
“You represent a community of parents, grandparents, students, teachers, school staff members that bent over backwards to get you over the finish line”, underscored Mrs. Shehata. “You are the class that had to set higher goals for yourselves, to work harder, and your success is one hundred per cent well deserved. Please join me in giving the class of 2020 a thunderous round of applause”.
Mrs. Shahinaz Shehata also took the opportunity to thank H.E. Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education, for his continuous support, as well as H.E. Dr. Khaled El Anany, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, for giving MLS the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of its students in such a magical and inspiring location.
Eng. Karim Abdelrahman, Vice-President of the MLS’s Board of Directors, echoed Mrs. Shehata’s words with a warm and inspiring message to the MLS class of 2020.
Speaking in his capacity as Vice-President but also as a former student of MLS, Eng. Abdelrahman spoke passionately about MLS. “This school has given me so much, he explained “and it is one of the reasons I stand so proud looking at all the incredible developments that have been made over the past couple of years. And for that I would like to thank the wonderful staff and Board members of MLS, and particularly our mentor Eng. Ismail Osman as well as the heart of this institution – the late Mrs. Magda Moussa”. As an homage to the accomplishments of these two partners and visionaries, Eng. Abdelrahman presented Dr. Ismail Osman, President of the MLS Board of Directors, with the Magda Moussa Community Service and Social Responsibility Award.
One of the highlights of the evening was the speech of His Eminence Dr. Ali Gomaa, Egypt’s former Grand Mufti.
A luminary and expert in many different fields, Dr. Ali Gomaa praised the hard work and dedication of MLS students, and invited them not only to seek academic excellence but also to strive towards nurturing their ethics and personal character in order to be able to fully embrace their achievements.

The Sound of success
How can you fully describe your high-school experience? How can you find the words to express your gratitude to all those who helped you to achieve your goals? The most meaningful moments of the graduation ceremony where undoubtedly the student graduation speeches.
In their unique way, through their different perspectives, Farah El Moataz Elgibali, Rowan Arafat Abdel Wahed and Malak Ahmed Mohamed Sobhy, representing the three MLS International divisions, stood in front of an audience of hundreds of people to talk about their experiences. They made us laugh, cry and in some instances reminded us of what it was like to be at crossroads in our lives, to look back in awe of the journey we took. To feel sadness when thinking about what we are about to leave behind, as well as enormous excitement for all that is to come.
Like all past graduations at MLS, the school community witnessed musical performances by MLS students Marwa Edward and Nour El Atr.
The grand finale of the night was the performance by the talented Rula Zaki, who graced the MLS stage once again to celebrate the class of 2020.
Keeping up with tradition, the night ended with graduates throwing their caps, or mortarboards, up in the air –diplomas in hand, watching their loved ones proud and honouring their school more than they could ever imagine.