TRDC Staff

Zakeya El Nahas joined Misr Language Schools in February 2011 as the Director of Teachers’ Research and Development Center (TRDC). In consultant with the School Principal, the Director of TRDC will provide leadership and coordination in the development and implementation of the school curriculum; works with department heads, and teachers to establish a well-coordinated program of education from kindergarten through grade twelve. The Director of TRDC keeps the curriculum and instruction programs aligned not only with the National standards, but with international standards in view of excellence. She will also continue to identify and manage teachers’ professional development needs through training workshops, implementation and follow up.


Zakeya El Nahas is in the process of finalizing her Ph.D. thesis. The thesis proposes a strategic plan that develops the national curriculum in view of excellence. Zakeya holds a Masters degree from University of Wolver Hampton – UK in Education Management. She received her bachelor's degree from the American University in Cairo (AUC) in 1980. Ten years later earned a diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, also from AUC.


Zakeya began her career as a Teacher of English Language with the Armenian School in Kuwait in 1982 where she stayed for one year. In 1985, she joined Misr Language Schools in Egypt, continuing with the same job until 1993 when she was promoted to be the Head of the Preparatory English Language Department. Beside her main duties of training and supervising teachers, Zakeya acted as an activity coordinator. In 1997, Zakeya moved to Maadi Narmer School to assume the position of Headmistress of the Primary and Preparatory School.


Since 2002, Zakeya has worked as an educational consultant for Keys to Effective Learning, training and educational services organization, Canada and Egypt. Zakeya has assisted keys clients in identifying their training needs, delivered and lead training teams. Zakeya has gained a valuable insight into the operation of the education system through blending Western Best Practices with the local culture. Recent training experiences include delivering training workshops in collaboration with US AID, CARE, International Institute of Education (IIE), in Egypt, Bahrain and Dubai. In March 2008, Zakeya attended and participated in Early Grade Reading Assessment workshop (EGRA) in Washington, DC organized by RTI, World Bank and US AID.


Zakeya El Nahas joined Narmer American College in May 2007 as the Director of Curriculum. She oversaw the curriculum and suggested recommendation for correcting gaps; assisted faculty in developing a uniform, detailed curriculum; helped departments to develop standards, assures uniformity in assessment and academic standards.


Nahed Lotfy                                                       

ICT Consultant in Teaching & Learning


Osama Nafady                                                   

Programs and Network Specialist


Hala S. El Sonbaty                                            

Office Manager


Doaa Yasser