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Knowledge is the path to developing a solid foundation.
The main goal of any school is to educate children and young adults and its success is determined by how well that education is provided. MLS Prep and Secondary Divisions do not only consider strong academic programs, but also social, artistic, and physical domains. Our main concern is developing leadership skills and fitness, as being the core of effective education.

MLSians' minds, souls and bodies are mainly influenced by what they learn and do. Our students are continuously challenged to make the most of their abilities and truly explore their talents. They grow up daily with our mission of teaching for life.

Had it not been for our qualified and caring professional staff, our missions would not have been fulfilled. They work so hard to create and foster our family atmosphere. The role of our supportive parents cannot be denied; as they do believe and assist in achieving our targets.

MLS family is dedicated to create well-balanced students academically, ethically and physically well-balanced students through elevated educational standards.


Mrs.Lobna Nour El-Din