The Teachers’ Research and Development Center (TRDC) is indebted to Ms. Magda Moussa and Dr. Engineer Ismail Osman whose enlightened, progressive and visionary ideas led to the establishment of TRDC on Sunday 21st February 1988 aiming towards the academic welfare of children. TRDC is only one of their greatest achievements.


     Following the death of Ms. Magda Moussa, the National School Principal Ms. Nagwa Gomaa followed in her footsteps and continued to develop the education in MLS National.  Ms. Nagwa provided TRDC with all the necessary facilities required and conductive conditions to achieve TRDC goals.


     The success of TRDC is the product of the efforts of many individuals and teams. Although we still have a long way to go, we wish to thank everyone who helped us complete our work. Without their continued efforts and support, we would have not been able to bring our work to a successful completion. We are thankful for their aspiring guidance, invaluably constructive criticism and friendly advice during the work process and we are sincerely grateful to them for sharing their truthful and illuminating views all the way.


     TRDC would like to thank the School Board members (2012 – 2014) for their support and approval of its budget. Without the support of the School Board Members TRDC would not have been able to successfully achieve its goals.