Director’s Welcome


  The Teachers Research and Development Centre (TRDC) is designed to enhance the quality of teaching, learning and school management by meeting universal standards and principles, and through effective use of technology in the school. TRDC will provide professional development to help teachers, educators, and administrators improve their professional knowledge, competence, skill and effectiveness.


  TRDC is committed to developing the capacity to sustain and build on current efforts of implementing effective methods and approaches to improve students’ performance and achievement.


However, our ambitions are not limited to the academics alone. As much as we want our students to learn the academic content, develop their abilities, use their skills, we also want more for our students. We want each student to develop habits that will support them to become good people and successful adults. We want students to pick-up an approach to living and an attitude to learning.


To this end, we are trying to develop principles, aligned with our curriculum to bring the life skills and character right into the mainstream of the core academics that we are already teaching. It is teaching the same traditional subjects, but it is done through a whole new set of lenses – a new paradigm which can be captured in three words, character, competence, and basic life skills.


Zakeya M. El Nahas                                  

TRDC Director