Code of Conduct


 Code Of Conduct


Violations  Consequences

1-    Behaviour Expectations( 3rd degree)

     A- Failure to clear Absence
       - tardiness
       - not prepared for class: appropriate text/ materials notebook/                   folder/ pen/ pencil / daily planner/ completed homework/ leisure             reading book

B- Inappropriate Behavior Classroom / Playgrounds

      - disrupting class (interfering with teaching learning process)
      - inappropriate social skills ( teasing, noises, language , gestures)
      - intentional abuse of school/ personal property
      - rough Play ( pushing, shoving, fumbling, etc)
      - loudness / screaming
      - inappropriate dress.
      - running.
      - throwing, flicking food, not cleaning up afterwards/
      - refusal to follow directions


Break detention

Deprivation of P.E lessons

In-school suspension 

2- Major Violations                  ( 2nd degree)

        - truancy

        - student continued to be disruptive

        - insubordination ( extreme defiance/ swearing directed    

          towards staff   

1- 5 days of  In-school suspension


Out of school suspension will be assigned based on student’s previous discipline record. 

3- 1st Degree Violations


       - vandalism

       - weapon possession

       - theft

       - physical assault

       - dangerous threats or disruption .

       - tobacco/ Alcohol / drug use or possession

       - harassment  

Immediate office referral :

Consequences may include but not be limited to :

   -  In-school suspension

   -  out of school suspension

   -  expulsion