Academic programmes




       MLS students are taught the national curriculum subjects (Arabic Language, English Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Religious Studies, Computer, Music, Art, Home Economics, and Physical Education.) We use the English Language as the primary mode of communication starting from the preschool years all through secondary school. One of our educational objectives is to enhance reading, writing, and conversational skills in both the English and French Languages.


           The syllabus of each subject is determined by the Ministry of Education. However, it is the quality of teachers and of our teaching methodology which makes the difference. Our creative teachers make lessons more interesting and effective through the use of group work and through the integration of cross-curricular activities.


           Our goal is to teach our students research skills through group work developing them into global citizens. We mainly depend on the extensive use of our libraries, laboratories, and multi-media. In addition, we offer our students many educational school trips that serve our cross-curricular pedagogy. These include visits to historical sites as well as the Science Exploratory Centre. More importantly, our students are surrounded by a friendly atmosphere created by a team effort which promotes the physical, emotional, and cognitive development of our students.