Academic Programes

MLS English Language Curriculum
ESL curriculum (English as a second language) is based on the belief that broad proficiency in English is essential to students' success in both their social and academic lives and to their ability to take their place in society as responsible and productive citizens. The curriculum is designed to provide English language learners with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their goals. Its aim is to help students become successful English language learners who can attain the following targets.

Use English to communicate effectively in a variety of social settings.
Use English to achieve an academic progress in all subject areas and in studying abroad.
Take charge of their own learning independently and in groups.
Select and use effective learning strategies (mind mapping, researching-----etc)
Make a successful transition to their chosen post secondary destination.
Function effectively in a society increasingly committed to the use of information
Use critical-literacy and critical-thinking skills to interpret the world around them and participate fully in the social, economic, political and cultural life of their community and of the world around them.
Sit for all sorts of international language certificates exams and pass them successfully.
This culminating vision of successful English language teaching identifies the language skills and capabilities required for success in MLS education system. That is why the expectations outlined in our ESL curriculum are designed to enable students to develop the above important skills and potentialities
Bearing all the above in mind, MLS language consultants and staff have built and designed a curriculum that is mainly a mixture of all standards to be met in American, British and National systems to prepare our students for any future plans and provide them with the tools to function in all systems they might find themselves in.