Misr Language Schools (MLS) British Division has been home to hundreds of students for several years. We welcome students from all backgrounds, and ethnicities. Our division seeks to constantly provide courage, strength, persistence, value and a coordinating environment to our students.  Students can always feel safe and appreciated, as well as receive an optimum educational journey. We offer Pre-IG and IGCSE certifications for all interested candidates.

Our Mission

Misr Language School (MLS) is dedicated to providing all students with an equal opportunity to pursue their education while nurturing all aspects of academic integrity, civility, self-respect, and self- realization. Misr Language Schools (MLS) helps in fostering the journey towards self-exploration, and cultivating a sense of pride in one’s identity and heritage, thus instilling a deep sense of commitment to our country, its history, culture and tradition. In addition, we firmly believe that parents, teachers, students and administrators constitute a partnership that works together towards the empowerment of students in achieving the school's objectives.
Our Vision

Education is a growth process that includes the mental, moral, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the individual. At Misr Language Schools (MLS) each student is seen as a unique individual who possesses certain potential, needs, aspirations and interests. We recognize that all students are individuals. Our purpose is to provide them with opportunities for personal discovery and growth as well as varied experiences that will enable them to achieve their utmost potential in order to become successful and productive members of society.