Important Message

Dear MLS Parents, Due to heavy fog this week, and for the safety and security of our students on the road, and due to the closing of major highways- all leading to school, we might have to change the route of some buses.

Buses WILL have to take major highways at some point. Our bus transportation department will check the open roads early morning before buses start their routes, however, once the traffic police decide to close a road, it happens with no prior notice. This can lead to buses being stuck for sometime. We will look into alternative routes, however we will still face congestion of some sort as it is affecting everybody trying to make the same commute.

Unfortunately, this may be the case for the upcoming days and we hope the weather clears and things go back to normal soon. If this weather continues for over a week , we shall make changes in the schedule to ensure the lessons missed are not always major lessons affecting their learning process.

Drivers were given strict orders to drive safely. Please note that we keep your children’s safety our number one priority at all times.

For any enquires or complaints, please contact the MLS International Division Transportation Department.

We will keep you updated if we receive any instructions from traffic officials.