Boys Under 14 - Basketball Tournament

Sports are critical for a sturdy healthy physique and for relieving stress of everyday life and hectic studies. A group of our esteemed student athletes (British Division Grade 9 – Youssef Tarek, Nour Tarek, Youssef Ehab, American Division High – Ziad Shebl, Youssef Khaled, American Division Middle – Yehia Tarek, Adam Hani, Hamza El Safi, Karim Samer, Ziad Mostafa) have participated in the International School Sports Organization of Cairo (ISSOC 2017/2018 – Boys Under 14) Basketball Tournament, which was held at New Generations International Schools, on Tuesday 10th of October 2017. The team played against 4 other schools (Salah Eldin International School - SIS, New Generations International Schools - NGIS, Capital International Schools – CIS, and The British School of Rehab - TBS) with their utmost efforts and capabilities, and have returned with several diverse medals and won the tournament’s cup, making their school (MLS) and colleagues proud.

Congratulations athletes for an exceptional performance!