back to school

Dear Parents and Students,

The British division hopes you had a serene and joyful summer vacation.

On behalf of all the staff members, I would like to express a sincere gratitude to Miss Shahinaz Shehata, the school principal, for the consistent support she has been offering us for years and years. I need also to spread my appreciation to the cordial school staff for their remarkable effort during the past academic year.

While this might be saddening, but the entire school sorrow to commence the new academic year without Mr. Saeed Abd El Hamid can not be disregarded. May his soul Rest In Peace.

Yet, at the present time, I am gratified to welcome the new comers to the British division in all grades. I would like to tell them that in an age where the world’s information is just a click away, we ensured access to the most cutting edge in learning tools. We have the solid belief that each one of you can succeed, we have an obligation to give each of you the chance to do it.

“Yes you can, together we’ll make it happen.” At last but not the least, I am always around to receive all the parents’ concerns and suggestions eagerly.

Best regards,

Dr. Mohamed El Asfoury

Headmaster British division