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A Day To Remember

The Fifteen of March marked the first annual performance for the IGCSE department.The day embraced Talents & Drama and honoring of mls achievers.

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Dear MLS Parents and Students, of G10 , G11,G 12. MLS British Division is engineering a presentation for"IDEA"as it is introducing an Athletic Showcase on Saturday 23rd

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Another Success

Our British Division's Kenzy Hesham (Grade 10) achieved a nouveau success in the Giza Girl's Swimming Championship. She was ranked second top swimmer and acquired

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Dear all students,   Kindly find attached IAL / GCSE January 2019 results.   Thanks IGCSE Admin   --------------------------------------------------------------------   BroadSheet GCSE   BroadSheet IAL   GCSE Component Result Boundaries   GCSE Contributing Units Results   IAL Component Result Boundaries   IAL Contributing Units

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