IGCSE G 11&12 news

Here you will find the news of Grade 11 & Grade 12 whether it pertains to students or staff, academics or monthly exams schedules or results.

Physics Exam

Dear parents, Kindly be informed that the buses will pick students up 12:45 pm for Physics starting at 3:00pm Wednesday May 22 2019 at meeting

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A Day To Remember

The Fifteen of March marked the first annual performance for the IGCSE department.The day embraced Talents & Drama and honoring of mls achievers.

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Dear MLS Parents and Students, of G10 , G11,G 12. MLS British Division is engineering a presentation for"IDEA"as it is introducing an Athletic Showcase on Saturday 23rd

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Dear all students,   Kindly find attached IAL / GCSE January 2019 results.   Thanks IGCSE Admin   --------------------------------------------------------------------   BroadSheet GCSE   BroadSheet IAL   GCSE Component Result Boundaries   GCSE Contributing Units Results   IAL Component Result Boundaries   IAL Contributing Units

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