IGCSE G 11&12 news

Here you will find the news of Grade 11 & Grade 12 whether it pertains to students or staff, academics or monthly exams schedules or results.

Cambridge May/June 2017 Results

 Dear All, Kindly find attached results.  Provisional_Broadsheet_Results_File_for_June_2018.p Provisional_Candidate_AS_Grading_Options_File_for_June_2018.pdf Provisional_Candidate_Results_File_for_June_2018.pdf  Provisional_Results_File_for_June_2018.xls Thanks IGCSE Admin  

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Cambridge As Physics Practical 9702/31

Dear All, Please find attached Cambridge International AS Physics Practical 9702/31 and 9702/32, Instructions to Candidates.   Regards   PHYSICS_RACTICAL_INSTRUCTIONS_TO_CANDIDATES_(002).pdf    

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