Middle School, 2nd Trimester Parents Meeting 2017/2018

Middle School, 2nd Trimester Parents Meeting 2017/2018

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Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Parents Meeting

Dear Parents,


We would like to invite you to attend Individual Parent-Teacher Conferences to be held on Thursday 8th of March from 8:15 to 2:45. To be respectful of your time and take the time that is needed to meet with parents that we need to, we will be sending home a note with your child indicating the subjects whose teachers would like to meet with you. Please sign the note and send it back with your child. If your child doesn’t receive a note, then please feel free to skip this round of conferences. HOWEVER, if you would still like a conference, you can sign up on the appointment system.

In order to provide parents with the most convenient time possible with their child’s teachers, we use the appointment system. Each appointment is 5 minutes long and we would ask all parents to keep to these timings.

Please find below the link to the appointment system. We will not accept any appointments through any other medium.


Instructions for the appointment system are available on the school’s website and application.


Best Regards,

Middle School Administration



Steps of how to use the Appointment System