Back To School Dates

Back To School Dates

Dear Parents,

As promised, the following are the planned dates for the first day of school for students:

Sunday, 16th September - Grade 11 and 12

Sunday, 23rd September - Grades 9 & 10

Monday, 24th September - Grades 7 & 8

Tuesday, 25th September - Grade 6


Kindly note the following:

* Grades 9 to 12 students are required to bring a 16G USB flash memory stick and a Windows laptop on the first day of school.

* Parents are responsible to bring students to school on the 1st day.

* Students who are already registered to use the school bus will be picked up from home starting the 2nd day of school of each grade level.

* Buses are available to take students back home starting the 1st day of school. This service is only available for students who are already registered to use the school bus.

Looking forward to a successful year.



Dr. Mohamed Soliman

Middle & High School Headmaster