Standardized tests


The Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) is a computerized adaptive test which helps teachers and administrators make informed decisions to promote the students' academic growth. Grade 9-11 students sit for MAP tests in Reading, Language and Maths twice during the school year. The results are analyzed and factored into the decision-making process regarding the students' choice of subjects, whether they are performing at the required level and possible interventions for those who are not. The MAP is administered at the High School computer lab facility. 


Students of grades 9-11 at the MLS American Division are all required to sit for the Preliminary-SAT (PSAT) in October of every academic year. For students in grades 9 and 10, the PSAT results guide their preparation for the SAT, while for grade 11 students, the PSAT constitutes an additional chance to practice for the SAT. The PSAT is administered at the school and proctored by the faculty under the College Board's strict regulations.


Holders of the American Diploma are required to obtain their Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) for admission into university in Egypt and most universities abroad. Locally, the Egyptian Ministry of Education stipulates the minimum accepted scores for university admission. However, some universities may choose to raise their minimum score requirement higher. The MLS High School Administration Office provides the service of registering for the SAT and ordering their scores delivered to AmidEAST behalf of the students.
Although the school does not offer specific SAT classes, the Maths and ELA curricula are designed to accommodate instruction that supports the students' efforts with their SAT scores.


Advanced Placement exams are an excellent channel for high-scoring students to demonstrate above-average learning in specific subjects as they seek admission into university. Grade 12 students are offered the opportunity to sit for AP exams on campus, as MLS was granted the status of AP testing center in 2015.