Standardized Testing Programs

MLS American Division uses different standardized assessments to evaluate the academic growth of our students and to determine instructional development. 

Early Literacy Assessments Grades KG2 – G2:

The Early Literacy Program’s tri-yearly scheduled assessments help administration and teachers gain insight about students’ progress, make instructional decisions that improve student learning, and assign appropriate intervention and remediation services as needed for those students falling below expectations.

The assessment data collected is passed on from grade to grade.  Information about children’s literacy behaviors and skills found in the assessment data collected helps teachers and administration track each child’s progress over time to ensure continuity of instruction across grade levels.  It also helps to ascertain the growth of a child’s skills and knowledge as a direct result of the work completed in the classroom each year. Group scores can be aggregated and charted to show the progress of each class within one school year or over several school years.