Welcome to the Special Education

& Inclusion Department

Inclusive Education is about embracing all, making commitment to do whatever it takes to provide each student in the community an inalienable right to belong, not to be excluded. Inclusion assumes that living and learning together is a better way that benefits everyone, not just children who are labelled as having a difference.


About Us

History of Department

The Department of Special & Inclusive Education provides services to students with Special Educational Needs included in the general education classroom since the academic year of 2004-2005. We have currently mainstreamed more than 60 students with various disabilities in the general education classrooms starting from KG1 to Grade 12.

16 students with Special Educational Needs have graduated from the American Division since the year 2004-2005.

The services that the department provides vary from educational assessments to developing IEPS, training teachers, and administering accommodations to the SATs.

We currently have 30 Resource Room teachers that work in Elementary, Middle, and High School stages and 3 Resource Rooms to accommodate the needs of students.  

Our Mission

The Special Education Department's mission is to provide high quality services that enrich students with special education needs with competitive skills and knowledge through:


  1. High quality instruction.
  2. Qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic team members.
  3. Involved and collaborative parents.
  4. Available resources and assistive technology.

Our Vision

The Special Education Department, American Division strives through continuous improvement and collaboration with all involved parties, to exceed the expectations of students with special education needs and gradually reach true inclusion in which the necessary support and services is provided to allow them to learn to their utmost potential to utilize their diverse strengths and abilities to become independent and active members of the society.