Welcome to the High School

Here you can catch a glimpse of our academic program, school activities and daily life. At MLS High, teachers, administrators and staff are all committed to providing a nurturing environment where students may thrive on the best learning opportunities. We are focused on offering a safe, up-to-date, creative, and challenging place for our students to grow and reach their maximum potential. All teachers uphold high expectations for behavior and achievement. As a staff, we continuously strive to ensure that we are presenting the best possible education to our students, who work really hard and are kept very busy. We encourage parents to stay involved with their children’s education and to volunteer and serve on our School Improvement Committee. Parents of MLS High students are always aware of their children’s progress through our transparent reporting system of achievement and behavior. Whether it is through community service, academic rigor, educational trips or creative projects, our students are granted all possible opportunity to become informed, disciplined and diverse members of their community.