Vision & Mission



Misr Language Schools, American Division aspires to be a vibrant learning community where all members are united for the common purpose of learning.

Its vision is to graduate students with a sound academic and moral base, to become well informed members of society, aware of their civic duties and equipped with the necessary skills to realize their individual potential, and compete in a world increasingly shaped by technology and driven by innovation.





Misr Language School’s mission is based on high moral values and sound work ethics which are reflected on the personal, school and community levels.

The mission of the school is to:

A-Give students a high standard college-preparatory education, and empower them with the ownership of knowledge and competitive skills.

B-Develop skilled and committed teachers, and enhance the facilities and services of the school in order to provide students with a productive and encouraging learning environment.

C-Instill in students a sense of civic duty, and to become as school active members of the community and proactive contributors to society.