International School Sports of Cairo

In the ISSOC tournament eight international schools competed in the games of basketball, volleyball, track & field, soccer, swimming, and table tennis.

1. Under 18 Boys Basketball Team- 1st Place ( Nov. 18th)

2. Under 16 Boys Soccer Team- 2nd Place (Nov. 16th)

3. Under 18 Girls Soccer Team- 3rd Place (Oct. 11th)


MSA 6th friendly School Championship

MLS athletes and others from 58 other schools have joined the annual MSA championship at the MSA Olympic Compound.

1. 1st place Table Tennis: Mahmoud Ashraf- Grade 11

2. Boys Basketball team- 3rd place

3. Girls Soccer team- 3rd place

Friendly matches

 2-1 Soccer win at Heritage International School

Narmer Volleyball Tournament

1st place- Narmer Volleyball Tournament